Truckers In America Face A Tough Road Ahead

by Jim Arnold,

Each of us should thank an American trucker each day for making our lives possible. Our rich standard of living simply would not be possible without truckers bringing us our daily supply of goods such as groceries and gasoline. Truckers take raw materials and finished goods from where they are produced to where they are consumed. Sadly, recent spikes and gas prices and the overall decline in our economy have created a difficult road ahead for American truckers.

This road is nothing easy to correct. Keep in mind, this only a temporary slow down, because in the long term, truckers will earn far better incomes. No areconstructiona can immediately pull them out of this current situation. In fact, the American trucker isnat even responsible for the trouble that they are facing. They have no control over it. American truckers still face a long and winding road, but it is only brief as economic factors improve.

Fuel cost increases are the most obvious culprit in causing difficulties for truckers. As fuel costs have risen, trucking companies have had to find ways to cut back. Since truck operations are their highest costs, most trucking outfits have focused their efforts are reducing the number of trucks on the road. As companies strive to get more output from fewer trucks, an inevitable side affect is that they have reduced the demand for truckers. By making fewer trucks do the work of many, trucking companies have left many truckers without work.

This does not mean that the industry is in major trouble. It has just felt an economic slow down. This means that more job openings will be available in the future. What is even better? Companies will begin to have better revenue each quarter as the economy improves. This results in better rewards/bonuses for drivers because the company is performing better.

Truck driving jobs were thriving even as gas prices kept rising, but the current plateau of fuel prices proved to be too much. Before the cut back on trucks and drivers, it was easy to assume that this phrase was true when referencing logistics employment numbers: dump truck driving jobs 12200. As the industry makes its turnaround, this will prove to be an accurate number, perhaps even more!

High fuel costs for truckers are not the only factor that has caused recent declines in the trucking industry. Consumers spend less these days because their budgets have tightened due to the rising price of all goods and services. It is not that consumers are spending less money, they are simply getting less for the money they spend. Inflation has led to a decline in the demand for consumer products, which in turn means there is less of a demand for products to be delivered via trucks.

As the demand for goods decreases, trucking companies felt the pressure and began receiving less orders. The logistics industry is now learning how to adjust to these kinds of situations. As we learn from history and our past mistakes, American truckers will know how to beat these conditions and turn them into times of high profit.

The road ahead looks difficult for American truckers, but as they slowly climb the steep grade ahead, the road will level out. Soon truckers will begin to enjoy a period of extended growth and prosperity. Fuel prices will not remain high forever. And trucking companies will find new ways to increase productivity and profitability. As profitability returns, truckers will see pay raises and a growth in jobs.

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